The Power of the Like

ComScore recently released a whitepaper entitled, “The Power of the Like.”  The whitepaper reports data stemming from analysis of the social media activity for Starbucks, Bing, and Southwest Airlines.  The data indicate that not only do consumers share ads with thier networks, but those networks constitute a much larger audence than those who are simply “fans” of the brands.  In other words, the friends of fans who receive endorsement of brand through fans’ Facebook newsfeeds is the segment that marketers should be considering when planning social media strategy. Newsfeeds are more important than fan pages.

The Power of the Like

ComScore’s fndings provide further impetus for my disseration.  It is crucial that the marketing world undestand the triadic relationship between endorsers of brands, recipients, and the brands.  What dynamics determine the decision to refer an ad, the accept a referral, and to pass the ad along to networks.  Understanding the e-endorsement process beyond creative determinants will allow advertisers to better construct campaigns for the Social Web.  Stay tuned…


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